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PHOTO-Lightbulb Heart Dreamstime PurchaseThere is a daily dance of life that is unique to our journey when shared with these high energy individuals. In spite of all of their challenges, there is delight that comes with the package. Here at Sizzle Bop, we’re in search of that delight.

Ready to dance?…to join in the bop, instead of trying to turn down the music?

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What Can I Expect if I join Sizzle Bop?

By joining the Sizzle Bop list (absolutely free) you will receive emails (in an every-so-often fashion) with tips and suggestions from Carol and her contributors.  Sometimes they’re very short, other times more like articles. But lately, we’ve been putting more of them in quick-to-watch video format. You just never know. The topics covered fall into four major categories:

1. Carol’s Thoughts on life with these kids including answers to member questions, teaching tips (loads of those), homeschooling strategies, funny stories (let’s face it, these kids are funny), dealing with adults who don’t get Sizzlers, behavior training, you name it. If it affects life with the distractible mind, we’re likely to comment.

2. Community Comment: This happens in a smaller way on our Facebook page, but every so often we throw a question out to the community en masse. This is a wonderful way to tap into the collective wisdom of such a large pool of like-minded individuals. In the past, we’ve asked a. Do Sizzlers lie more often? b. What to do when our kids are ostracized? c. Do Sizzlers struggle more with going to and staying asleep? But without a doubt, our most popular survey of the membership was when we asked for curricula suggestions, subject-by-subject. We repeat this every few years to incorporate new entries into the marketplace.

3. Action Prompts are simply suggestions of an action you should take right away, that very day, which will improve something in your Sizzling World. They’re usually simple things, but sometimes, that’s where the best connections are made.

4. What’s Carol Doing? We just keep you informed of Carol’s media appearances and recent publications, in case you want to hear her in person or read her latest.

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