Why is there a dyslexia tab on SizzleBop?

Because 50% of all kids with dyslexia ALSO have ADD/ADHD.


The overlap between these two groups is significant.

In the last few years I stepped toward this awareness, and was soon the administrator of an 8-person tutoring team at a private school using the Barton Reading program. I loved working with this homeschool-friendly dyslexia remediation program. It was solid, well-designed, and the kids (about 60 of them) made significant progress. I LOVED watching them realize that they could learn to read when they were taught in the way that they did learn. One of the most common things these kids said???

Why didn’t they just teach it that way in the FIRST place?

As you might expect, I soon applied my love of multi-sensory learning to this material, by creating. . .

  • very simple repeatable sketches that kids repeatedly recreate to learn and remember an important concept
  • motion-based exercises that drive home a significant lesson point
  • make-it-yourself games (both online and in-person) that support tougher parts of the material
  • hand signs for challenging letters and vowel teams
  • memory devices that help kids hold tight to difficult spellings
  • And of course, I MADE DITTIES!!! –the things I’m probably best known for. (My first set of general education ditties got me a two-day interview on Focus on the Family, which was so popular, it made it onto their “Best of 2015” CD.) So I applied this same idea to the Barton lessons.

So What Now?

If you want to use Barton materials at home with your child, I’d love to help. Think of me as a sort of distant Aunt coffee-chat-girlfriend-resource who’s been there.

I have now retired from the homeschool conference circuit (no more TSA lines–hallelujah!) and also from the private school tutoring program where I was administrator. I am now running just a small personal online tutoring practice for a limited number of students, while working to become a resource to those who want to teach Barton themselves.

So if you’d like to chat about. . .

  • a Barton concept that is a bit confusing (the many Schwa lessons, how to help a child find the accented syllable, a drawing that pulls together 3 separately learned rules)
  • a ditty that works with a specific lesson
  • a game that reinforces a level, or a lesson, or a specific teaching
  • ways to adjust the lessons for your very distractible child

or if you’d even simply like me to tutor your child, let’s connect .

If any of these items interest you, please drop me a note via my email carol@carolbarnier.com, and put Barton Buddy in the subject line.

Let’s get started finding solutions to reading success for your child!

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The folks at Learning Ally (another great resource), have put a free quick online dyslexia screening test, for both adults and children. Click their logo to check it out.

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To Learn more about the Barton System, click on the logo below.

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The Barton group created this great list of warning signs of dyslexia.

Let’s be Barton Buddies!

contact me at carol@carolbarnier.com