What is Sizzle Bop?

What is Sizzle Bop?Sizzle Bop was created in 2004 by Carol Barnier as an idea-sharing place, connecting families who have a child (or parent) who is highly distractible for one reason or another.

Carol explains what prompted her.

“I grew weary of hearing how my child was defective. I decided that the fast pace of his mind and his unique perspective on the world was a gift. So I threw out the traditional methods of teaching him, and began exploring options, ideas, different approaches. Lo and behold, I began finding things that worked. This child could not only learn, he could thrive.”

If you are the parent of a highly distractible child. . .

Or the spouse of a highly distractible mate. . .

Or if YOU are the highly distractible person. . .

This community celebrates the energy and the non-linear path of the distractible mind. We don’t believe these folks are defective. We believe they are blessed and even fortunate to have a gift of such energy and creativity. And we love them dearly.

We see them as non-linear thinkers in a very linear world. But we also don’t dismiss the very real and unique challenges in raising a highly distractible child, sharing your life with a high energy, distractible mate or, being distractible yourself.

So here at Sizzle Bop, we constantly work to provide strategies, teaching tips, discipline methods, and more. Carol shares from her own experiences, but also the experiences of thousands of other Sizzle Bop families who are part of this community.

You’ve found a place where someone finally “gets it,” where others understand this unique journey that you and your family are on. Welcome!